MPT Hybrid Motor Testing System – leads the motor experiment into the dynamic age

Combining the depth understanding and long-term accumulation of power analysis and motor measuring field with the concept of instrument design and system integration, ZLG ZHIYUAN Electronics launched a landmark MPT hybrid motor testing system, which leads the motor experiment into the dynamic age.

New Product
A New Height of Power Quality Testing Field – E6500 Power Quality Analyzer

Due to its powerful function and high accuracy, E6500 power quality analyzer is the industry-leading benchmark product in the handheld power quality analyzer field at home and abroad. It supports 50Hz and 60Hz power grid system to realize the complete coverage of all power grid frequencies; and also supports the efficiency and power measurement for single-phase and three...

PA8000 certified power analyzer

In the past, the PA6000 bore witness to China's technical strength in instrument making and erased the general prejudice surrounding Chinese instrument brands. The launch of PA6000 is merely a stepping stone on our road to success. With nearly 20 months of hard work and dedication, we have taken another giant step forward with the PA8000, a certified power analyzer jam-packed with features, including 0.01% power measuring ...

CAN-Bus Communication and Testing Instrument

Through more than ten years of technique accumulation, ZLG ZHIYUAN Electronics has become a leader in the CAN-Bus communication field. It uses advanced hardware platform and world-class manufacturing process to create high-end CAN-Bus communications devices. All CAN cards can perfectly process CAN2.0A or CAN2.0B CAN message information, which enable them to be professional tools to install, develop, test, maintain...

New Product
DCP-3000L State Grid DC Charging Pile Fee Charging Control Unit

DCP-3000L is a charging pile fee charging control unit in accordance with the strict design requirements of the state grid corporation. It uses TI AM3354 processor with Cortex-A8 core and 800MHz frequency, and is integrated with the interfaces such as serial port, CAN-bus, Ethernet, SIM slot, SD slot, Audio and LVDS LCD interface. DCP-3000L also supports compass navigation...

P800- ISP: 4-channel online programmer

P800 series programmer is a new generation of programmer. Users would get a completely different experience from it. With a 4.3-inch high-definition TFT touch screen introduced into a programmer for the first time and a user-friendly interface specially designed for this programmer, P800 series programmer can be used easily, just like using a tablet. Its underlying structure consisting of Cortex-A8 and high-performance FPGA combines with the built-in...

New Product
ZLG Highly Reliable Isolated DC-DC Series

More than 2000 models to meet your needs

  1. Power range of 0.1W ~50W
  2. New generation micropower technology
  3. Modular standard package
  4. Industrial temperature range of -40℃~105℃
  5. Constant voltage /wide voltage /super wide voltage series
New Product
ZLG Highly Reliable AC-DC Converter

More than 300 models to meet different needs

  1. Power range of 2W ~50W
  2. Modular standard package
  3. Temperature range of -40℃~70℃/-40℃~85℃
  4. Full voltage or wide voltage AC/DC input
  5. Single or dual output